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December 28/29, 2006 Boulder, Colorado
Extreme Wet Snow Event
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If you like wet snow then you will love this gallery of photos.  The Boulder, Colorado Snowstorm of December 28th and 29th was one of the most extreme wet snow events I have ever witnessed. To view a photograph just click on the image.

Portions of Boulder received between 10 and 14 inches of wet snow.  At times the snowflakes were as large as half dollars.  It was a memorable event.  Although the chase was meant to bring me my first blizzard photographs, I ended up stranded west of the main event.  It was worth the trip though.  This ranks as the number 1 most beautiful snowfall I have experienced.  I will certainly never forget it.

I am still learning how to use the white balance on the camera.  Photographing snow at night can be difficult at best.  I tried my best to capture the images and the storms impact.  Hopefully you will enjoy the photos.

All of the photographs that you see on these pages were taken in Boulder.  Most of them within a few miles of the downtown area.

You can read the complete analysis of this storm and view weather maps, radar images, and satellite data on the Winter Storm Analysis Page.



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